Moment groom breaks bones after wedding entrance on dirt bike

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A GROOM suffered a broken collar bone after trying to show off on a dirt bike at his wedding.

The bride was waiting with a checkered flag for her new spouse’s dramatic entrance when he skidded and toppled off the bike.


The groom was thrown from the bike as he came around the bendCredit: Twitter


Footage shows him hit the ground and rollCredit: Twitter


Horrified guests rushed to help himCredit: Twitter

Shocking footage shows the excited woman in white waiting on a road side in Parma, Italy.

Her husband then flies around the bend on a dirt bike, sounding his horn in excitement.

Suddenly, he loses control and is thrown off the bike.

He smashes into the ground before rolling – leaving him sitting sprawled out.

Reception guests watching on can be heard crying out in horror as they rush to help him.

The stricken groom was taken to hospital, where he was treated for a broken collar bone.

He also had to have five stitches on his head.

The new husband was pictured receiving care from doctors with his wife by his side – still in her wedding dress.

In another party mishap, a gender reveal gathering descended into chaos as huge flames erupted.

Horror footage showed the mum-to-be spark a massive blaze as she set off a coloured flare beside naked flames.

The clip shows the excited woman spraying a blue flare up into the air as joyful guests – holding foot-long flames – celebrate.

But within seconds, a massive blaze engulfs the room as a wooden structure above the party catches alight.

Panicked partygoers can be heard screaming as others laugh – with many continuing to brandish their hand-held flames amid the mayhem.

One guest can then be seen frantically trying to extinguish the raging fire by throwing liquid up towards the glaring flames from a green bottle.

Others take note of his quick-thinking action and join in, attempting to calm the flames by squirting drinks up into the air from bottles.

It’s unclear how long it took for the blaze to be put out.


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